• Farming
    (harvesting vegetables, planting rice crops, harvesting rice crops, etc, etc..)
  • Picking fruits
  • Dairy farming (milking, and so on.)
  • Forestry (wood cutting)
  • Regional food
  • Crafts
  • Musical instrument playing
  • Fireworks
  • Cultural activities (wearing Kimono, weaving, and so on.)
  • Other, e.g. Japanese traditional games
    (Go, Shogi – Japanese chess, Hanafuda – a type of Japanese card game, Hyakunin Isshu – a type of Japanese card game, etc,)

* Available activities may vary depending on the weather and season.

Petit Marche


We moved to this area from Nagoya in 2009.
We run a European-style restaurant using our home-grown vegetables. We cut our own logs for use in our wood-stove and clay oven for heating and cooking.

Area Tomigata
Available Activities

Mother Earth


A married couple run this small guesthouse which accommodates up to 4 guests.
Communication in English – no problem!

Area Nishi-Haruchika
Available Activities



Come and interact with children, experience planting and harvesting rice, clear weeds from the fields, and finally harvest produce. These are just some of the agricultural experiences you can have!

Area Hirasawa
Available Activities



Altogether we grow around 20 kinds of vegetables including tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkin, black-eyed peas, leeks, potatoes, and taro.

Area Higashi-Haruchika
Available Activities



I quit my office job to become an organic farmer 15 years ago. Now, I grow over 40 kinds of vegetables, and rice. This year, I am enjoying working with my new trainee. Together, we are creating a place where many adults and children from all walks of life can visit.

Area Takato
Available Activities



Experience forestry and farming all year round. Depending on the season, you can try planting seedlings, harvesting vegetables, or cutting firewood. Meals will also vary by season; you could have wild mountain vegetables or seasonal mushrooms.

Area Tera
Available Activities