1-night, 2-day trip (suggested itinerary)

Day 1


  1. After the welcome ceremony (orientation, meeting with host family), transfer to host farm by car.
  2. Farming experience (harvesting, farm work, picking flowers, pruning etc.)

* In the case of rain, indoor activities or talks on farming machines and implements etc. will take the place of the outdoor farming experience.


  1. Cook, eat dinner, and clear away with the host family.


  1. Take a shower at your host farm, or, since there are many hot springs nearby, choose to go to a public hot spring bath instead.
  2. Onsen / hot spring facilities in the city

  3. Activities with family (folktales, stargazing, fireworks, walking etc.)
  4. Bedtime (Around 21:30)

Day 2


  1. Get up
  2. Cook breakfast with the host family
  3. Help with the cleaning
  4. Transfer from host farm to a meeting hall for a farewell ceremony
  5. Farewell