“How come it feels like being home, even though I came here for the very first time?” We often hear such comments from the participants of our “farm stay” program.

We feel this is because Ina is an area which hasn’t been developed with tourism in mind, but rather a place for locals who have lived in the region since ancient times. We started this program because we wanted to be able to communicate with the participants through our way of living in the region.

For this reason, there are no “three star” restaurants nor services you can get from posh hotels.
What we can offer participants is the true “country life” of Japan that has been passed down for generations in the Ina region, Nagano.We would like you to enjoy the view of the mountains and rustic beauty of the region, listening to the sound of rivers and wind, preparing meals together with locals, and the silence of starry nights.

Many people from all over the world have enrolled in Ina’s “farm stay” program so far.
The participants often comment about their experiences as “relaxing”, “unforgettable”, and “would like to come back here again.” It maybe because they can experience the beauty of “the way of living simply” here in Ina, which is often difficult to achieve with busy urban life.

Due to world economic development we are now living in an era of abundance in both merchandise and entertainment.That is exactly why we would like people from all over the world to experience the way of living in Ina and hope their stay will be enjoyable and unforgettable.

Some points we would like you to know about our farm stay.

There is a support service available.

This farm stay program is operated by Ina City Tourism Association under Ina City Office. We provide the following support system to minimize any troubles during the stay.

  1. ① All the homes offering a farm stay program have obtained the official permit for conducting a hostel business and passed checkups by the municipal fire department and public health institute.
  2. ② The program is covered by insurance for any accidents occurring during the stay or during activities.
  3. ③ Ina Sightseeing Association offers a 24-hour support service.

Enjoy the activities and interaction with locals.

Ina’s Farm Stay Program was started because the locals living in the countryside wanted to enjoy interacting with the participants. Rather than just a business service, we provide real “heartwarming human interactions” and the “real experiences of the way of living in the Ina region”. We encourage the participants to mingle with locals actively and to be involved in the activities such as farming and cooking.