A farm stay is an opportunity to stay at a private home of a family keeping a farm in the region.
The host family welcomes the participant to their own home as a guest. The attractive point of the program is to be able to have unique cultural experiences and interactions with local families through the farm work and cooking regional foods.

It is not a hotel.

Since you will be staying at a regular family home, it won’t be the same as staying at a hotel or a Ryokan / Japanese style hotel. While the host family will undoubtedly do their very best to make your stay as comfortable as possible, please keep in mind that there’s a limit to the things they can offer you.

You will also prepare meals together with the host family.

As a part of the program, participants prepare meals and eat together with the host family. There won’t be any room service available, but you will be able to have fresh food that locals eat daily and learn the importance of food through the experience.

Bathing facilities will generally be a shower..

If you would like to bathe in a tub, we will introduce you to a hot spring facility in the city. If the host family’s accommodation license allows it, the participant may be able to have a bath in the facility.

The daily schedule is the same as for the host family.

You will have a separate bedroom, but you’ll set your own futon at bed time. Lights-out time and wake-up time would be the same “farm-style” routine as for the host family. As it is said, “Early bird gets the worm”, so let’s make the most of the program!


The family car of each family will be used to travel between the meeting point and their farm stay house.


Please inform us when you make the reservation if you have allergies or specific dietary requirements.